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The record industry has changed

Welcome to the new business model for artists

Thrive as a musician, producer, dancer or creator by harnessing Anomaly Create’s artist growth engine and monetization platform.
Mint NFTs, perform in the metaverse, attract fans using AI and machine learning, and become a star in the democratized Web3 movement.

Make Music At The Speed Of Your Creativity

  • Collaborate with top producers to create new music
  • Record and distribute multiple new songs every month
  • Leverage the growth engine to build audience and drive streams on the DSPs

Become A Content Creation Maven

  • Partner with VFX artists to make standout music videos
  • Generate images, videos, special effects, and more
  • Give fans new content constantly

Enter the Metaverse

  • We own one of three volumetric 3D video capture studios in the world
  • Create as often and as much content as you want
  • Put yourself in any world – real or virtual – doing anything you can imagine
  • Fans will meet you in the metaverse for live experiences and transactions

It's A New World And There's Money To Be Made

  • Touring, sales, VIP, and meet & greets
  • Merchandise, social selling, AR/VR, and virtual goods
  • Monthly and annual subscriptions for fans
  • Pay-per-view concerts and events. NFT creation and auction site

Partners and Technologies

All Things Creative

Grammy-award winning producer Ayo the Producer


cutting-edge 3D volumetric capture technology


music distribution to DSPs and video platforms


digital collections and fan engagement NFT platform


music videos with VFX and metaverse capabilities

Unreal Engine

put your likeness or avatar into the metaverse

Surreal Events

own your space in our metaverse to interact, perform, and transact

High Road Entertainment

artist management and global touring production

Omicron Media

Consumer acquisition, subscription management, finance, and app development

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